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We have two tiers of Wine Club with open enrollment available for both! Membership perks include 5% off all dine-in (yes, food & beverage!) while an active member. Wine Club subscriptions get released every THIRD Saturday of the month & are available for pick up throughout the month thereafter.

The Scooby Snack ($90) is a once monthly, three bottles & one cheese selection subscription that explores different themes, whether they're regionally specific, seasonally appropriate, or focus on things we’re most passionate about like sustainable viticulture & responsible winemaking. Paired with one half-pound portion of seasonal cheese.

The Advanced Course ($195) is perfect for those whose curiosity (and stomach) for wine can't quite be sated. Constantly googling new wines to try? Delving deep into a region once you crack open an exciting bottle that sparks your palate and mind? Unafraid and undaunted by varieties you may have never heard of from far-off lands you can’t quite pronounce or looking for classics from winemaking masters that may be a little under the radar? — this tier is for you! Our Advanced Course is curated and procured by Goodnight Hospitality Partner June Rodil MS & Beverage Director Mark Sayre. June Rodil MS is one of only 28 female Master Sommeliers in the Americas. In addition to six wines each month, our cheese-mongering maven, Shannon McCracken, pairs their selections with not one but two-half pounds of tasty, artisanal cheeses.